Relocation & Destination Overview

We provide a bespoke relocation services to our corporate clients & their assignees → helping their families to settle into their new environment. 

Relocating to a new country is an exciting opportunity but brings many challenges including finding a new home, a school for your children as well as settling into a new culture and way of life.

We appoint a central-point-of-co-ordination – a Relocation Manager – to manage every assignments and from the moment we start working with the assignees, we are with them every step of the way.

Our suite of relocation services are as follows. For further information, please contact our relocation team on : +971 (0)4 421 1819 or by email at




The orientation day provides an overview of the city, with a focus on the residential areas. An itinerary is sent to the assignee prior to the orientation day, which is spent with our consultant, and includes the following:

  • A welcome pack presented to the assignee, included in this pack is a booklet with detailed information on housing, utilities, average pricing, schooling, cultural awareness etc.
  • A city map, used at the beginning of the tour by the consultant to explain the geography of the city, where they will begin and where they will go during the day. The assignee is encouraged to keep this map open throughout the day to ensure they get more familiar with the city.
  • The tour highlights and focuses on the main road networks, shopping malls, clinics, tourist areas and, most importantly, the residential areas within the city.
  • The consultant will speak about the various facilities within each area as well as the pros and cons of each, and answer any questions the assignee (and family) may have.

The tour is 6 hours in duration and ensures that the assignee gets more familiar with the city, helping them to decide on which areas they would like to focus on for the home search days.

A summary report is sent to the assignee after the orientation day.

Home Search

  • Our home search starts with the completion of a needs assessment and telephone interview, which allows us to gather the assignee’s requirements in order to analyse their needs. The interview is a perfect time for the assignee to ask any questions they may have prior to their trip / home search day.
  • A consultant will then analyse this information and arrange relevant appointments with trusted real estate agents over the 1 or 2 days of the home search. An itinerary is sent to the assignee the day before the home search begins.
  • The number of properties seen on each day varies according to the number of areas to be covered and the current availability, it can be anything between 6 and 18 properties within the budget specified. A consultant is always on hand to answer any questions the assignee may have.
  • At the end of the day(s) a summary report is sent to the assignee.

Once a property is chosen EER will deal with the real estate agent and landlord → negotiating the rental as necessary, finalizing the deal, gathering all the required information, ensuring all relevant information is in place, reviewing the contract and ensuring the tenant is protected, arranging payments, ensuring the property is free of maintenance issues, attending the handover, preparing a snag list and taking relevant photos to accompany the handover report.

School Search

  • The school search starts with the completion of a needs assessment and telephone interview, which allows us to gather the assignee’s requirements in order to analyse their needs.
  • After this call the account manager will contact the schools and compile a report for the assignee on availability, recommendations, ratings and pricing.
  • Once the assignee selects which schools they would like to proceed with EER will arrange the assessments and school tours as necessary.
  • Once the appointments for the tours and assessments are made an itinerary is sent to the assignee. On the school search day(s) the consultant will collect the assignee and take him/her and family to the appointments and remains on hand to answer any questions they may have.

The account manager will be available to assist throughout this entire process.


Settling-In Service

This service includes the connection of all housing utilities, registration of the tenancy contract with the relevant authorities, application for driver’s licenses, alcohol permits and e-gate cards for the assignee and spouse.

The account manager will gather all the relevant documents and complete the process for all of the above.

Departure Service

The account manager first confirms the exact date of the exit, and when the property should be handed over. EER then give notice to the landlord.

Closer to the time the account manager will liaise with the landlord to arrange an final inspection to identify any issues with the property. We will also arrange the paperwork for the disconnection of the utilities, payment of final bills and refund of any security deposits along with cancelling the tenancy government registration.

We will arrange for any issues to be rectified along with arranging the cleaning and painting of the property before the final handover of the property. We will then get the security deposit from the landlord and return it to the company/assignee. We can assist with any additional items if required.

Cross-Cultural Training

In this workshop the assignee will be introduced to the history, culture and global context of the U.A.E. At the end of the workshop the assignee will have an increased understanding of Emiratis – their culture, history and the aspirations held by the Emirati for the future of the U.A.E.

We will explore similarities and differences in culture; local dress; traditions; expectations of expatriates living in the U.A.E and how to transition successfully into life in the Emirates. In addition we will look at the religion of Islam and the relationship between religion and the state in the U.A.E. Participants should prepare to be challenged and to leave with a clearer understanding of how to live in the U.A.E in harmony with local communities and cultures.

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