Relocation & Destination FAQ’s

If you are moving with family, then it is recommended to arrive before the start of the school term (September) to give you time to find a home and settle in before school commences.
You need to be married to sponsor your spouse and children. If you are divorced, then you will need your divorce certificate and a certificate of custody to be able to sponsor your children.
The school year commences in September and finishes the following June.
The main curricula available are UK, US and IB. On a smaller scale the French and German curricula are also available.
There are a number of ‘exception countries’ that are able to transfer their current driving licence to a U.A.E licence. If you are not from one of the ‘exception countries’ you will need to apply for a U.A.E driving licence, which includes theory and practical lessons as well as a driving test.
As a resident you are legally required to hold an alcohol licence if you wish to purchase, transport or consume alcohol. You must be non-Muslim and earn a minimum salary of AED 3,000 per month.

The property market moves very quickly in the U.A.E and it is best to only start your home search a month to three weeks before you want to move.

Before you start looking have your residency visa in place as well as access to funds – some landlords will require rent in one or two payments.

Once you find a property, you will need to pay a deposit to secure the property and the contract will usually start within 7-10 days. Once the contracts have been signed, you will need to connect your utilities and may need to obtain a ‘Moving-In Permit’ from the developer or community – therefore it could take up to a week before you are able to move in.

Once you find your ideal property you will need to pay a deposit to secure the property and have it removed from the market. The deposit is 5% of the annual rental for an unfurnished property and 10% of the annual rental for a furnished property.

A further fee of 5% is payable to the Real Estate Company and this is charged to the tenant and not to the Landlord.

There are also deposits payable to connect utilities and services (electricity, district cooling, internet, phone and TV) and these are paid to the service providers in each case.

Please contact us if you require more info.

There is a dress code policy in the U.A.E, to ensure respect of the culture and religion. The shoulders and knees should be covered when in public places – esp when visiting government offices, immigration and the malls, etc.
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