Company Incorporation FAQ’s

There are several advantages:

  • A historical trading hub between the East and West
  • Central location with over 200 direct flights to cities all over the world
  • Minimal taxes
  • Free flow of capital
  • Rapid development and growth
  • Exceptional infrastructure
  • High standard of living
You can set-up your business in mainland United Arab Emirates (U.A.E), Offshore or in one of the many Free Zones depending on your requirements. There are seven Emirates in the U.A.E, and over twenty different Free Zones located across these Emirates. The choice is yours.
A Free Zone is a separate jurisdiction within the U.A.E. Each Free Zone specialises in a particular industry or trade. The foreign investor retains 100% ownership of the Free Zone Company (FZC). You will be restricted to renting office space within that Free Zone, trade will also be restricted to within that Free Zone.
The biggest difference is in the ownership regulations. If you set-up in mainland Dubai the maximum foreign ownership is 49%. You are required to have a U.A.E National as a local sponsor who retains 51% ownership of the mainland company. However, it is common practice for the foreign investor and the U.A.E National to enter into a side agreement. This contract facilitates a legally binding relationship between the parties involved to protect the foreign investor to the maximum extent possible.

One of the biggest advantages of setting up in mainland U.A.E is that there are no territorial restrictions on business activity, and no minimum capital requirements.

Alternatively in a Free Zone no such sponsorship is required, you own your company 100%, however there is a capital requirement (the amount varies depending on the Free Zone chosen) and there are restrictions on business activity and trade areas.

This will depend upon several factors, for example:

  • The business activity
  • The size of your operation and the facility required
  • Your visa requirements
  • The amount of capital you have to invest
The time-frame varies greatly depending on where you wish to set-up your company → a Free Zone (and which Free Zone) or mainland U.A.E.

The set-up time can vary from 2 weeks to 6 months.

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